Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mueller's Pasta, Only $0.15 at Publix

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I have been praying to the "Coupon Gods" and my prayers have finally been answered. As an aspiring "Coupon Mom," I have tirelessly been looking for deals and coupons online. This week my hard work paid off. I got the best deal on Mueller’s pasta from Publix at $0.15 a box. Yes, ZERO dollars and fifteen cents! Here is how I did it, Publix had a buy one get one free deal this week* on Mueller’s pasta. At checkout I paired the sale with a $0.55 off coupon that I got by signing up at That was it! This is the kind of deal you shout from the rooftops. 

Looking at the weekly ad of your local store before you shop can help you save big just like I did. I would also recommend making a list of the brands that you purchase from often and sign up for their newsletters or make accounts on their official sites (for free) to gain access to exclusive coupons. 

One day I hope to be an extreme "Coupon Mom," load my cart with groceries and spend only $3.00 (A girl can dream!). At this point I'm in the minor leagues of couponing. Until that day I will celebrate the small victories. Mueller’s pasta at $0.15 a box is a great start. Spaghetti anyone? 

*Publix Weekly Ad April 21, 2014 through April 29, 2014

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